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Product Introduction

TA is a global leader in PVC modification, with the most extensive product coverage in the existing PVC chemical industry, with globally distributed production bases in the United States, Spain (OEM), Singapore and China.

PVC-straight is the core business of Tnorr Aipez and is sold in 39 countries around the world. More than 45000 metric tons of high-quality PVC can be produced annually.

PVC products have excellent elastomeric properties, provide unmatched durability, and are cost-effective. Specific levels of flame retardant, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, DEHP-free, phthalate-free and foam-type products can also be provided to meet specific needs.

Key features include:
Wide range of hardness: 40-90 Shore A hardness, transparent, translucent and opaque appearance, high gloss, low gloss or matte surface, low temperature flexibility, high temperature resistance, recyclable, easy to color, a variety of additives options
Key applications include:
Corner window glass edging, sunroof glass edging, windshield bead, front triangular plate sealing strip, front and rear doors] armrest skin

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