EVA 4260

EVA 4260


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Product Introduction


EVA4260 is a high VA ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) resin from ARKEMA, France.

Evatane®4260 main characteristics


EVA 4260 is a brand developed specifically for transparency suitable for varnishes.

2. Self-adhesive

The 4260 low self-adhesion of EVA ensures the prevention of resin blocking and the stability of the ink.

3. Solubility

-Easily dissolved in aromatic compounds, such as toluene, benzene,-xylene, solubility of up to 45% at room temperature, and maintain

Low viscosity of the solution.

-Partially soluble in ketones, up to 15% at room temperature.

-Insoluble in alcohol.

4. Stability

Easy to store, no precipitation.

Reasons for choosing high content EVA resin

The higher polarity of EVA resin (VA content 42%) can improve the adhesion of the ink to the BOPP film after surface corona treatment.

The EVA resin contributes to improving the adhesion to the primer.

EVA resin can also provide a part of the mechanical strength of the film, flexibility.

market and application

1. Composite ink

2. Adhesive

3. Shoe Material

Evatane®4260 Physical Property Table
Physical properties Unit Numerical
Melt Index Not Melt Index g/min.10 63
Ethyl acetate VA content VA Content % 42
熔点Melting point 50
Vicat softening point Vicat point 40
Tensile Break Strength Tensile Strength at break MPa 5
Elongation at break Elongation % 1000
Shore A Hardness Hardness Shore A - 46
Density Density g/cm³ 0.96

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