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Wuhan Huipu Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and has gone through 25 years of ups and downs. The company has a business department (including sales department, development department), import and export department, customer service department, finance department, and comprehensive administration department. In 2006, Wuhan Chengfeng Polymer Materials Co., Ltd. was put into operation in Wuhan Donghu High-tech Development Zone and established as a factory division. With the continuous development of the company's business field, our company has set up branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Chongqing and Hong Kong year by year, and set up offices in Xiamen. In 2020, our company's turnover will be 0.47 billion RMB.

Our company is mainly engaged in the import and export of specialty chemicals, operating all kinds of chemical raw materials, plastic raw materials, polymer materials, flammable liquids, flammable solids and drugs wholesale (face), and in 2003 passed the national ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification.

100 of the education level of our employees is a bachelor's degree. With solid professional knowledge and excellent service attitude, we have a large number of stable and cooperative new and old customers. At the same time, our company regards abiding by reputation and guarantee commitment as the company culture, and through this, we have won the trust and support of many suppliers, and continuously obtained the agency and distribution rights of products of many large global top 500 enterprises in China, we are one of the dynamic importers and distributors of specialty polymers in China. At present, our company is the distributor of many well-known chemical enterprises in China, such as ARKEMA of France (ARKEMA), DSM of the Netherlands, Tor Aipez of the United States (TEKNORAPEX) and UNITIKA of Japan. Huipu Chemical has grown into one of the dynamic distributors of specialty chemicals in China.

With the continuous improvement of our production technology, the products of Wuhan Chengfeng Factory Division are becoming more and more mature, and a stable customer base has been developed. At present, our company has reached a critical moment for the development of medium-sized trade and production enterprises.

Our company has been committed to the global high-end chemical products recommended to the domestic, and for the world between the chemical companies and Chinese enterprises to build a smooth channel bridge. I believe that in the future we can get more opportunities to communicate with peers, common development and progress, and create a better tomorrow!