Nylon Powder (Li Xuan)

Nylon Powder (Li Xuan)


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Product Introduction

Rilsan®Li Xuan is a unique high-performance thermoplastic nylon 11 powder coating, which is only produced and sold by French Arkema company in the world. 100 percent of its raw material comes from the renewable plant resource castor, which is an environmentally friendly powder coating that does not release any harmful substances, volatiles or gases during use.

Since 1967, Rilsan®Li Xuan has been developed for coating pipes, pumps, valves and various pipe fittings in the water industry. Its excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance and cost advantages bring many benefits to many customers.

Rilsan®Application performance of coating system

Corrosion resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance

Low friction coefficient, smooth surface

Impact resistance, abrasion resistance, cavitation resistance

Direct contact with drinking water



Industry Applications

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