Orgasol powder

Orgasol powder


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Product Introduction
Powder-Industrial Applications

Orgasol®It is a high-performance ultrafine polyamide powder produced by ARKEMA, which is produced by direct polymerization of dodecyl lactam (PA12) and or caprolactam (PA6) polymers or copolymers. Because of this special process, the Orgasol®The powder has a "sponge ball"-like porous structure, a spherical surface and a very narrow particle size distribution. According to the average particle size from 5 microns to 60 microns, specific surface area and melting point different constitute a series of product models.

Superfine polyamide powder with unique properties

Excellent wear and scratch resistance

▷ Sand grain effect and soft feeling (soft and smooth touch)

▷ Gloss controllable

▷ Reduce the coefficient of friction, prevent sticking, dry lubrication, bring a smooth satin-like surface

▷ Improve the mechanical strength of the coating, improve impact resistance and T-bending

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Inks and varnishes

composite material

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