PA11/PA12 pellets

PA11/PA12 pellets


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Product Introduction

Rilsan®Nylon 11(PA1 1) is a unique bio-based high-performance polyamide derived from renewable castor oil that is green, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Rilsan®The main performance of PA11/PA12

Acid-resistant gasoline

▷ Low permeability

Good flexibility.

▷ Low temperature impact resistance

▷ Low density and low water absorption

▷ Easy processing

market and application

1. Automobile industry: oil pipeline, fuel pipe and air pipe, brake spiral pipe, hydraulic hose, quick connector, contact sheath and cable tie, etc.

2. Electronic appliances:Mobile phones, computers and headphones and other components

3. Sports goods: tennis rackets, badminton, ski shoes, fitness equipment, etc.

4. Textile: rabbit head, cable, etc.

5. Cable industry: tight-wrapped wire, sheath, etc.

6. Petrochemical industry: pipeline


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