PEKK Powder

PEKK Powder


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Product Introduction

PEKK Powder

KEPSTAN®is a high performance thermoplastic material based on a highly stable chemical backbone of polyetherketoneketone (PEKK). The use of unique structural features allows the possibility of abnormal crystallinity in controlled. PEKK is one of the most chemically resistant plastic materials in the industry. PEKK is divided into three series according to the crystalline form: KEPSTAN6000, KEPSTAN 7000 and KEPSTAN 8000.

KEPSTAN®Main features

Excellent strength, outstanding fatigue resistance

Heat distortion temperature up to 315 ℃

Excellent long-term thermal oxidation stability

Continuous use temperature can reach 260 ℃, excellent resistance to organic chemicals, acid, alkali, steam/hot water and other properties.


-- Motor bearing surface

-Pipe, valve, pump

-- Reaction kettle

-- Sensor

-Pipeline monitoring system

-- Seals and gaskets

-- Replace PFA powder application to reduce costsPEKK粉末

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