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Product Introduction

Pebax®It is an amide (ployamide) and polyether (ployether) block (Block) nylon elastomer produced by French Arkema Company. It is called Polyether Block Amide. Pebax does not contain plasticizer and has different hardness grades according to different proportions of polyamide and polyether components. Its Shore hardness D (SHORE D) ranges from 25-72, covering the hardness range of plastics and rubber.

Pebax®Features are as follows

-- Excellent flexibility/softness (wide range, good hand and touch)

-- Excellent low temperature impact resistance

-- Excellent dynamic performance

-- Between-40C and 80 ℃, the properties change little, and the low temperature does not harden

-Anti-corrosion effect on most chemicals, excellent anti-aging and sun exposure ability

-- Good extensibility and warping resistance when subjected to low stress loads

-- Excellent resilience and fatigue resistance

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