PEBAX permanent antistatic agent

PEBAX permanent antistatic agent


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Product Introduction

Permanent Antistatic Pebax®Formation of a three-dimensional ion dissipation network within the resin matrix to allow charge

▷ Release the charge along Pebax.

▷ Permanent and immediate anti-static effect

▷ With the change of relative humidity, the anti-static performance changes little

There is no precipitation of blisters or migration to the surface of the material.

▷ Can be directly dry blended with a range of resins for injection molding and extrusion

▷ Can Coloring

Pebax®适用在: PA, ABS, ABS/PC, HIPS, PET, POM, PVC, PE, PP,

Standard grade:

-- MV1074 SA01, MH1657 through FDA certification (*)

-- MV1074 SA01 USP Class VI certified for medical applications

Low resistance rating:

MH2030 and MV2080:

-- Maintain the antistatic effect, and can reduce the addition content compared with the competition:

=> Better maintenance of resin matrix properties

-- so as to achieve electrostatic dissipative performance


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