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Product Introduction

Stanyl®It is a heat-resistant and wear-resistant high-temperature nylon brand produced by DSM. Its melting point reaches 295°C, Stanyl®Mainly used in the automotive and electrical industry on the high demand components. The crystallinity of Stany @ is about 70%, while polyamide 66 is only 50%, which makes the non-reinforced Stanyl®The thermal deformation temperature reaches 170°C, while the glass fiber reinforced Stanyl®The thermal deformation temperature of is 290°C. These characteristics make Stanyl A better than other engineering plastics (such as PA6 and 66, polyester and PPA) in heat resistance, mechanical properties at high temperature, friction and wear, etc. Stanyl®The molding cycle is short and the processing is more economical. Stanyl®It has been approved by all major car manufacturers. It can withstand high strength and high load, high temperature resistance and work in harsh environments, so it is very suitable for applications in the surrounding area of the engine.

Stanyl®Main performance of the product

Excellent heat resistance (210 ℃)

Excellent wear resistance

High rigidity at high temperatures

Creep resistance at elevated temperatures

Good toughness

Good fatigue resistance

Extremely wide chemical resistance

Short processing cycle

Stanyl®Main applications in the automotive field

Chain tensioner guide rail



Air cooler end cover

Pulley tensioner pulley

Intake manifold

Engine cam cover

Car shock pad

Bearing cage

Lamp holder

Intake pipe

Door lock linkage



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