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Product Introduction

Akulon®is a trademark of DSM Engineering Plastics Polyamide 6/66 and its copolymers. Akulon®The product range includes non-reinforced, glass fiber reinforced, mineral powder modified and mixed types, as well as flame retardant grades and impact resistant materials. Akulon®Products are widely used in automobiles, electronic appliances and civilian leisure products and other industries.

Akulon®Main characteristics of the product

Good rigidity (low creep) at 80 ℃_

Good thermal aging stability (170 ℃/5000h)

Superb wear resistance and frictional resistance

Excellent toughness

Excellent fatigue resistance under high temperature ^

Good chemical resistance, oil resistance, hydrolysis resistance

Akulon®Application of products in the automotive field
PA6 Application 1. Intake manifold
2. Gear, clutch, chain tensioner
3. Engine cover
4. Intake pipe
5. Airbag bracket
6. Grille, car] handle
7. Chain guide rail
8. Bearing isolation block
PA66 Application 1. Chain guide rail
2. Gear
3. Bearing bracket
4. Belt tensioner
5. Gearshift base
6. Foot pedal
7. Rearview mirror base
8. Window guide rail
9. Air conditioning outlet
10. Oil pan



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