Arnitel®TPE-E (Polyester Elastomer TPE-E)

Arnitel®TPE-E (Polyester Elastomer TPE-E)


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Product Introduction

Arnitel®It is a polyester-based thermoplastic elastomer grade provided by DSM Engineering Plastics.

Arnitel®It is a copolymer composed of soft and hard parts, the hard part is semi-crystalline PBT, and the soft part is amorphous polyester or polyether. Therefore Arnitel®There are not only the use properties of the rubber but also the processing characteristics of the thermoplastic polyester material, which provides many benefits in terms of productivity and processing. At the same time, due to the different composition ratios of soft and hard segments, as well as the variable components of functional groups, Arnitel®A wide range of features is available. In automobiles, electronic appliances and some special fields, Arnitel®In the bending, durability, high temperature and low temperature environment of the mechanical strength and performance are first-class.

Arnitel®Main performance of the product

Excellent fatigue resistance

▷ Higher resistance to peak temperature

▷ Impact resistance at low temperature

▷ Higher abrasion resistance

▷ Chemical resistance and weather resistance

▷ Good electrical performance

▷ Good load resistance

▷ Excellent softness

▷ Good adhesion to ABS, PBT, PC

▷ Excellent adhesion to paint, glue, metal

market and application

1. Intake pipe

2. Dust cover

3. Airbag cover

Arnitel®TPE- E(聚酯弹性体TPE-E)

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