Arnite®PBT and PET polyester

Arnite®PBT and PET polyester


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Product Introduction

Arnite PBT, PET and blends are high-performance engineering plastics with high strength, high rigidity and excellent processability. Therefore, Arnite PBT and PET are very suitable for automotive, electrical/electronic, household appliances and industrial equipment applications.

Arnite®The main performance of the product:

Extremely low moisture absorption

▷ Good dimensional stability

Even in high temperature or humid environment, it still has excellent

▷ Electrical insulation performance of Yue

▷ Excellent chemical resistance

▷ Good heat resistance and heat aging resistance

▷ Enhanced specifications with high strength and stiffness

▷ Easy injection plasticity

▷ Good wear resistance

Excellent color stability

market and application

1. Vacuum booster valve body

2. Headlamp reflector

3. Iron parts


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