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Xytron™ PPS


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Product Introduction

PPS, the Chinese name is polyphenylene sulfide.

It has the advantages of hard and brittle, high crystallinity, flame retardant, good thermal stability, high mechanical strength, excellent electrical properties, and strong resistance to chemical corrosion. PPS is one of the best varieties of heat resistance in engineering plastics. The heat distortion temperature of glass fiber modified materials is generally greater than 260 degrees.

But its shortcomings are brittleness, poor toughness, low impact strength, after modification, can overcome the above shortcomings, to obtain very excellent comprehensive performance.

Xytron™Main performance of the product

Good chemical resistance (second only to PTFE)

▷ Small shrinkage

▷ Low water absorption

▷ Good fire resistance

Excellent resistance to vibration fatigue

▷ Strong arc resistance

Excellent electrical insulation (in high temperature, high temperature environment)

Main Model

▷Xytron G4010Ten

40% glass fiber reinforced mechanically strong to improve hydrolytic stability

▷Xytron M6010AenSI

65% glass/mineral reinforced

market and application

▷ Exhaust gas recirculation valve and water pump impeller

▷ Igniter

▷ Carburetor

▷ Heater

▷ Thermostat

▷ Exhaust control valve

▷ Light reflector

▷ Lamp holder

▷ Bearing

▷ Oil pan screw

▷ Automobile generator frame and bracket

▷ Carburetor parts

▷ Sensor

▷ Rectifier, etc

Xytron™ PPS

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