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Product Introduction

TPV is the abbreviation of Thermoplastic Vulcanizate. It is a polymer elastomer material composed of highly vulcanized ternary Z-propylene rubber EPDM particles dispersed in a continuous polypropylene PP phase.

Main performance

Excellent anti-aging performance and good weather resistance, heat resistance

▷ Excellent resistance to permanent deformation

▷ Excellent tensile strength, high toughness and high resilience

▷ Excellent environmental performance and reusable

▷ Excellent electrical insulation properties

▷ Wide range of hardness

▷ Wide range of use temperature

▷ Color diversity, coloring easy

▷ Can be co-injected or extruded with PP, PE and other materials

Sarlink @ TPVs Product Family

3100 Series-Highly Crosslinked General Purpose Specifications

4100 series --- fully crosslinked general-purpose specifications, with excellent tensile properties and elasticity

4700 series-high liquidity injection molding grade specifications, excellent elasticity, the perfect combination of UV resistance

5700 series-special extrusion grade specifications, the best combination of UV resistance, excellent elasticity and sealing performance

6100 series-excellent processing, coloring performance, low emission of volatile organic compounds

Main application

1, the automotive industry

2. Electrical and electronic industry

3, bathroom industry (in line with NSF)


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